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Healthcare HITECH | HIPAA | OCR

Our medical record imaging process and online medical record storage are HIPAA and HITECH compliant. We have medical record management experts that can scan and OCR (optimized character recognition) large volumes of documents quickly.

Insurance Wrongful Death | Life Insurance | Liability

Whether you’re underwriting a new policy or reviewing a claim, you need the most complete picture possible. You need the information to be prompt, you need it to be reliable to ensure accurate decisions, and you need it to be provided with care.

Legal Criminal | Mass Tort | Defense | Plaintiff

Law firms need records fast, clear communication, and timely status updates from their records retrieval team. Your dedicated contact keeps you informed about your orders.

For mass tort cases our experts can audit your records for qualifying factors and update you weekly with a spreadsheet containing the information you need.

Court Reporters

If records retrieval is a time and labor intensive part of your business that diverts resources from your primary business of court reporting we can help. We pay commissions for clients referred to us or you can use us as your record retrieval team and we’ll deliver the records directly to you. Please contact us for more information.

Your reputation and services are the best! No question there.

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We Build It All.

We create DWQ notices and subpoenas. We also assist in compiling exhibits and creating custom deposition questions that allow you more time to focus on your case.

In addition, we audit for additional providers or information specifically requested by you within the records.

Our Process

Provider Memo Explained

We provide you with a memo that notes the names of other healthcare providers listed in the records. In addition to the names of providers, this memo also contains a brief description of the treatment received and the dates of service.

The Purpose of the Memo

Clients with multiple hospital admissions and healthcare providers do not always remember all the doctors they have seen, and this memo makes you aware of the existence of records from other providers who have cared for or billed your client.

Chronological Order

Chronological Order

In order to expedite your search of records, they are conveniently placed in chronological order, thus making the patient’s course of treatment easy to follow. Using our chronological method of sorting, you can easily find out exactly what treatment was administered on the corresponding date on the Page 1 Summary.

Cross Checking

Cross Checking Explained

We thoroughly cross check the records and bills to make sure everything corresponds, and if not, we take Whatever steps are necessary to ensure the integrity of the package of records. If any records or bills are missing, our cross-check will identify these and we will obtain them for you.

The purpose

Our cross-check ensures that you will receive all the patient’s records and bills, thus allowing you to win the maximum possible settlement for your client. This sets us apart from other records retrieval services.

File And Record Storage

File And Record Storage

Your records are securely stored online in pdf format and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere you have access to the internet. Simple and secure.

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We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to records retrieval. We understand that each client has unique needs, requirements and preferences. Therefore, we provide tailored approaches to our clients when obtaining their records.

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Our research and retrieval methods are widely regarded as the best in the industry. Our insight is considered the ideal compliment to counsel's legal expertise.

In my career and opportunities with other employers, I have been asked to work with other vendors, but I was not impressed with their knowledge and work-product. Your team is so much more thorough, knowledgeable and resourceful. I have not found another vendor that is as well-rounded and easy to work with as you guys are.

Keri F., Senior Paralegal Client since 2006

The art of record retrieval

Our call center staff can handle all aspects of your mass tort cases including records retrieval , records audit, and client contact. Contact us for more information.
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